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Water is out most important element for our body which helps in keeps us healthy. It is important to drink lots of water in a day but more importantly, it is important to drink clean and safe water. It is more important because water is a good source for germ, bacteria & virus to enter in your body. There are a huge number of ways through which you can get safe & clean water.

The water impurities are measured in TDS i.e. Total Dissolve Solids. Every source of water has lots of impurities in form of salts & other metals which are harmful to your body.

Germs TDS Requirement of Purification method
High in bacteria & virus High TDS UV + RO
Low in bacteria & virus High TDS RO
Low germs, Bactria & virus Low TDS or no TDS UV

In today’s modern technology there are numbers of electronic equipment’s which are available in the market. But sometimes it is difficult to justify which product need to be chosen in order to get clean & safe water.

Types of the ways to purify the water and improve its quality:

  • Reverse Osmosis: In this method, water is allowed to pass through a semi-permeable membrane in high pressure through which all the salts are removed. It is ideal for those areas which get hard water. The demerit of this process is its dependency on electricity and wastage of water.
  • UV (ultra-violet): In this method, the radiations are allowed to pass through water that kills germs & viruses. It does not waste water.
  • UF (Ultrafiltration): In this fibers of threads are used to remove the hardness of water. As the water passes through microfiber threads, salts are removed from the water.

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Aquaguard Genus RO+ UV+ UF water purifier:Top 5 Water Purifier Online

Aquaguard is one of the reputed brands in terms of water purification. Recently it launches a new RO-based water purifier. It is one of the best electric water purifiers which remove hardness of water. No mater whatever the source of your water like borewell, municipal supply or any other. It removes all the high TDS and gives you clean water. It is equipped with the technologies like intel e-boiling, electronic life membrane enhancer. All these features are involved in removing the hardness of water, germs, bacteria & another virus in water.

The most important thing is that it does not remove important minerals which are essential for your body. As usual other RO remove the minerals and making the water tasteless. This is best selling products available on Amazon, Flipkart and Tatacliq. It is also ranked among the top water purifiers In India.

Highlighted Features:

The purification method involves UV+RO+ UF which is the best combination. The power requirement is 45 W and weight is 11.8 Kg. It is having high filtration capacity and it is 15 L/hr. the TDS level is 1 to 2000 (mg/l) ppm.

Aquaguard Genus price in India is Rs.19999

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Kent Grand RO + UV 

Kent is another reputed company which is engaged in manufacturing of water purifiers. If your area is serving hard water then it is best option to purchase Kent Grand RO + UV. The essential minerals will be maintained in this product while the water gets purified.

The physical outer look of this product is attractive one with the transparent head. There is tap at the below side through which water get flow.

Highlighted features:

It is UV & RO both and has a capacity of purifying 15 liters per hour. the storage capacity of water is 8 liter. the power consumption is 60 watt which is quite high. This water purifier is always in the requirement of filter change from every 3 months. So in order to this, you will be in the requirement to take care of the filter.

Kent Grand Price in India – Rs.13999  

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Tata Swach Viva Silver UV + UF water Purifier: 

If your area is serving soft water but still you are facing health problem due to water. Then Tata Swach Viva Silver is the best choice for you. It is not RO but its UV & UF features are good to remove bacteria & germs from your water.

Its UV purification methods remove bacteria & germs from the water and make it ideal to drink. Its maintenance cost is also low and it’s inside silver action gives it good UV purification method. The product is hot cake in its category and this best water purifiers brands in India and It is a product of “Tata” which is considered to be a trusted Indian company.

Highlighted features:

The weight of this product is 6.5 kg which is middle standard weight. The filtration capacity of this purifier is 30 liter per hour which is quite fast. So if you are having a big family then it is the best product for you.

Tata Swach Viva Silver Price in India – Rs.6500

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Aquaguard Enhance RO 7L Water Purifier: 

Enhance RO is another best selling product from the reliable RO and water purifier manufacturer in India, Aquaguard.

If you want to make the hard water into soft water then Aquaguard Enhance Water Purifier is the best choice for you. Through its RO process, the hard salts involve in water will be removed and you will get soft water. The interesting factor in this product is that it does not waste much water during purification, unlike the other RO techniques which throw out the water in form of impurities. This causes the wastage of water.

Highlighted Features:

The design part is very attractive in look, making your kitchen more stunning. the purifier is fast which is 12 litre per minute. the weight of the product is 8.2 Kg which is not too heavy. The power requirement is 230 V AC with 50 Hz & 40 Watt which is low as compare to above purifier. So it is also a good option if you are looking power saving water purifier.

Aquaguard Enhance RO Price in India – Rs.9999

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Pureit Classic 14 L Gravity Water Purifier 

It is also one of the best water purifiers from the top company Hindustan Unilever. If the coming water in your home is soft having low TDS, then it is the best choice for you. The other interesting thing with this is it does not require any electricity. So if you are having power cut problem then it is a nice selection. The company also claim to kill 1 crore virus in 1 liter of water. The body is also made up of good quality plastic.

Highlighted Features:

It is very light in weight with only 2.4 Kg so it is also a good option for the travelling-oriented people. the capacity of this purifier is 14 litre which is sufficient enough to full fill the water requirement of a person.

Pureit Classic 14 Price in India – Rs.1600

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Water Purification is an essential nowadays to keep yourself free from disease. The above-described products are very good to keep your drinking water safe and free from bacteria, impurities, and odour. You can buy water purifier online from FLIPKART, AMAZON & SNAPDEAL, Tatacliq etc. We shared most of the information but for getting more details you need to read thoroughly about the product and its application before purchasing.

To get more information about the Online best-selling Water purifier brands in India. If you have any question then use the comment section below and would like to receive a daily update about the best online deals & offers, Please visit our page regularly.

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