Top 5 Air Purifiers in India – Buy Online Brands from Amazon & Flipkart

Top 5 Air Purifier Brands In India – Buy Online from Flipkart & Amazon

Industrial development causing air pollution leaving the impure air for our living beings. There is lots of impurities mix in our air which we encounter in our everyday life. Breathing system is our natural process and we can’t live without that at any cost. We inhale oxygen to remain alive but we also inhale lots of polluted particles causing various types of problems.  For your convenience, I am going to introduce you some air purifier which are available in the market but before that, I will explain what actually the Air Pollution is.

The Pollution of Air is measured in PM i.e. Particulate Matter. It is actually suspended particles in Solid or Liquid in the air. PM 2.5 its 2.5 Micron or less in Diameter which is almost about 30 times less than the diameter of human hair. This when goes high, it may cause lungs cancer and correspondingly other breathing problems.

AMAZON & FLIPKART – List of Best Air Purifies Brands in India

Mi Air Purifier 2 AC M2 AA   

Top 5 Air Purifiers

It is a portable air purifier which is ideal for home and can be moved anywhere within it. The physical structure of this product is very good made up of good quality plastic. It removes bacteria, pollen, dust particles and hair from Air and making it pure to inhale. Its cylindrical structure suck air from all the sides, making it pure and throw the filtered air at the top side.

The technical features of this product indicate its temperature & humidity sensor which tell you how much power has been consumed.

Highlighted features:

It works without creating noise. The bad order in your room also gets eliminate with this purifier. To switch on & off will be done through the Mi Home app which you need to download. The power consumption is 100-220 V, 50/60 Hz.

Mi Air Purifier 2 AC Price – Rs.2499

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Philips AC4372/10 Air Purifier

Another air purifier is of Philips, one of the leading Air purifier brands in India. This product is capable of removing all the harmful gasses, organic compound, cigarette smoke, bacteria & virus. You can adjust the air flow as per your choice. There is 6 step fan speed and it is having Pre-filter, HEPA filter, and Activated carbon filter.

Along with this for the instant air cleaning, there is Turbo mode which will work at highest speed.

Highlighted features:

There is a silent mode feature, by enabling of that you can get sleeping environment. The child lock feature ensures the safety of your child. The power consumption is 220-240 V with 50 Hz.

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Philips 3000 Series AC3256 AeraSense Air Purifier

If you or your any family member is asthma patient then Philips 3000 series is the best choice. It removes bacteria, virus, and cigarette smoke from the air. With this, it is also capable of removing H1N1 virus leaving you with pure and safe air. Its filter section consisting of pre-filter & activated carbon filter.

Highlighted features:

There is sensor touch panel which is easy to use. The timer in this product can use to preset the timing as per your choice. It is totally portable and you can move it anywhere as per your need.

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Philips AC4081 Air Purifier

If you are living in a dry area with high pollution then Philips AC4081 is a good choice. It does not absorb humidity so it can be used at those areas which have low moisture.  It removes the virus, bacteria, and other allergy causing particles involved in the air.

Highlighted features:

There is an Auto Mode option which will enable this product to function automatically. A part from this it also has dual sensor, Air quality sensor which continuously checking the quality of your surrounding air. The power requirement for this air purifier is 220-240 volts.

The Philips AC4081 Air Purifier price is Rs.29995

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Kent Aura Portable Air Purifier

Kent is one of the leading brands in terms of water purification product, on the other hand, it also has its product for Air Purification. It is considered being best air purifier in India. Its inbuilt ionizer keeps your home with fresh air all the time and also capable of removing 99% of impurities from the air.

 Highlighted feature:

It comes with three fan speed and you can set the speed manually. You can also set the timer as per your need. The other features are its silent operation and child lock.

Kent Aura Portable Air Purifier Price – Rs.16000

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Final Words:

Here is the list of the best Air Purifiers in India. We have described all the products with all the essential information. You can do a comparison and select the best one as per your choice. To live the healthy life is the first thing of joy & happiness.

To know more about the latest products, deals & offers you can frequently visit our page as we will keep updating the information here.

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