Paytm Pepsi Offer -Free cashback of Rs 15 or Rs 20

 Free cashback of Rs 15 or Rs 20-Paytm Pepsi Offer

Pepsi is back with exciting offer where you will get Rs 15 or Rs 20 pay cash free with the bottle of Pepsi, the only thing you have to do is to buy a bottle of a Pepsi and check the code given on the behind of the Pepsi label, you will find the Pepsi code on label then SMS the code on the no. 98887980003 and you will get Paytm coupon. It is an amazing offer to buy a Pepsi and get pay cash free.

Paytm Pepsi Offer : Big loot offer on Pepsi cold Drink Paytm cash back of Rs 15 or Rs 20 on each bottle of Pepsi cold drink

You will get free Rs 15 or Rs 20 on each and every cold drink of Pepsi, for Rs 15 you have to buy the single  Pepsi cold drink bottle of 400ml, 500ml, 600 ml and 750ml bottle and to get Rs 20 you can buy 1L, 1.2L, 1.5L, 1.75L,2L, 2.25L of Pepsi bottle. To avail the offer a single account user use one time per Paytm account. You can apply by per account Pepsi Promo Code one time and the offer will be valid from 15th April to till 31st August 2016 in India.

How to get Paytm Pepsi Cashback offer -free Paytm cash back?

  • Go to any store to buy Pepsi cold drink
  • Check the offer given on the Pepsi pack
  • Visit the Paytm Pepsi Offer
  • From the Pepsi bottle check the code
  • Enter and click to proceed
  • In your account, your pay cash has been added
  • Paytm Pepsi Cashback offer does not require any Paytm coupon code


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