Mcent Trick: Download Mcent Mobile App and get Rs.70 in Wallet cashback

Mcent Trick : Download Mcent Mobile App and Get real money Rs. 70

The online sites and their apps are growing their importance in today’s life and we know this just perfectly. There are many apps which are just one of its kind and are of real importance to men at large. You can download apps of all large online stores like flipkart, amazon and even of daily newspapers like daink bhaskar and even banks. In this era of the internet, all the you would ask for is these app and just think how great it would have been, if you would have earned from these apps! Yes its just as true as it seems and Mcent app provides you with just the same opportunity, to earn from these apps all you need to do is refer apps to your friends and enjoy!

Mcent Mobile App

Trick and Heck : Install Mcent Mobile App and get great discount and Rs. 70 in Mcent Wallet Cashback

Are you excited to know how? Check out the following steps:

  1. Download the great Mcent app. ( Install Mcent Mobile APP)
  2. Sign up for a new account by providing your mobile number and password or sign up with a new account.
  3. As soon as the registration is completed, one will get the various offers like installing the apps.
  4. A pop up menu should simply occur on the screen asking you to “Check in to get Rs.5” Click on this pop up to get Rs % instantly in your mcent wallet.

The trick can be done at the most 3 times each day!

Opting for the Rs 70 offer:

  1. By performing the above steps, you can get your referral link established in various social networking sites like facebook, twitter and whatsapp.
  2. Whenever someone clicks on this link to get an app installed in their device, you would get paid a handsome rupees 70 in your mcent wallet.

The money collected in the wallet can be later used to recharge your mobile or any other recharges you want to continue with!

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