Dainik Bhaskar Mobile App & Earn Rs 50 cashback

 Install Dainik Bhaskar Mobile App to earn Rs. 50 Cashback (Scheme Expired)

You love reading newspapers, don’t you? I mean who in the world does not? It just opens up the world in front of us, giving us information of pretty much anything and everything that we can think of and about everything in the world, in every nook and corner of it. And the newspaper is for sure one of the first things that you lay your hands on, as soon you get up in the morning. However have you ever thought that it is also one of the first things in the morning that you pay for. When getting the news of various states and regions is our chief motto, then why to go for the newspaper when they are available online and are just exactly free and moreover, they are not just free, they at times pay you for downloading the app! What else can you probably ask for?

Get Rs. 50 Paytm Cashback download Dainik Bhaskar Mobile App and Divya Bhaskar Mobile App

Dainik Bhaskar


Here I introduce to you the very new app of the very old newspapers of the country, Divya Bhaskar & Dainik Bhasker. The newspaper are offering a 50 rupees cash back voucher from paytm, by simply downloading and using their app, where you get all the news for free!

Avail yourself with the great offer, by just following the simple steps below.

  1. Install the app of the newspaper that you want or both, as you wish!
  2. A message will simply pop up in your account.
  3. Agree on the terms and conditions and log in from your facebook and gmail account.
  4. As soon as you have finished your logging in procedure, you will get your Paytm cashback promo code.
  5. To get the code, select the Go to option and then click on “Redeem paytm code”
  6. Copy the paytm coupon code.
  7. Now simply recharge something above 100 and get 50 rupees instant cash back in you Paytm account as soon as you complete the recharge.

Download the Mobile App here

You must be fascinating to snatch Rs. 50 while downloading Dainik Bhaskar Mobile App. The said technique is useful for all Hindi and Gujarati News paper subscriber looking for better News paper and current affair news.

Plentiful things can be done using such a classic mobile app and select the quality app for your mobile and never make your storage garbage. Only choose those applications which gives you benefit also offer you interesting thing along with it. Like Divya Bhaskar mobile app will be better choice for Gujarati language speaker.

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