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Refrigerator..!!! The Whirlpool is a very renownedly known foreign manufacturing company since very long time. Recently, Whirlpool launches brand new Whirlpool FP 263D Royal Multi-door Refrigerator for all the users. As we all know that refrigerators are the very useful product for everyone and everyone needs refrigerators in their kitchen to keep fruits, veggies, chocolates, drinks, milk products, etc. So, to keep all these stuff it requires a lot of space that’s why by keeping this thing in mind Whirlpool launches this Multi-door Refrigerator. This refrigerator has 3 doors like Freezer Compartment, Refrigerator Compartment and Veggies Compartment. The topmost compartment has Ice twister and collector, in refrigerator compartment you can put all your daily used products like food items, fruits, milk products and many other things and the last column is used to put veggies as this keeps the vegetables fresh for a long time.

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The best thing about this refrigerator is its Air Booster System which circulates the air in each column equally and also prevents odor mixing also. You can store the food items for the longer time period it keeps them safe. The Whirlpool use the latest technology in this refrigerator which makes it different from other refrigerators. The revolutionary 6th sense Active Fresh Technology consists of Active Fresh Zone as well as Moisture Retention that’s why the fruits and vegetables are fresh and healthy for longer.

You can easily buy this exclusive brand new Whirlpool FP 263D Royal Multi-door Refrigerator on Amazon at Rs 25490 only and this product is available at the lowest price only on Amazon. The Market Price of this product is approximately Rs 28350 but if you buy this product from amazon you will get 14% discount on this product. The amazon will send you this product in original packaging and you have to pay the installations charges to the company. This product is available in 4 different colors and price will be vary according to the color selected by you. When the product arrives at your home then only you have to pay the amount or you can purchase this product on EMI System also, that means you have to pay monthly instalment which is chargeable as per the bank selected by you at the time of payment. So hurry up and grab this product as soon as possible by clicking on the link given below.

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