Buy Philips Steam Iron at Rs 2250 – Flipkart Offer

Philips GC1022 Steam Iron on Flipkart

Steam Iron is great home appliances that are the small handheld piece which removes crises and wrinkles from your clothes at your home by simply pressing it on your clothes smoothly without harming the clothes. It helps to save time and hardly takes minutes to iron your clothes. The surface got heated in minutes and you may iron your many clothes continuously. You can use it freely and you will not burn your hand and could be safe also it does not take much time to start steam iron on Flipkart

Buy Online Philips Steam Iron is available on Flipkart at very reasonable price

No doubt Steam iron has lots of advantages with many features that you need in your life daily. Whether it is a formal wear or informal wear you want your clothes to look more beautiful without any deep wrinkles on it. This Steam iron can make your clothes crises free by its steam technology by filling water in the water tank of the iron that allows you to wear any cloth that is wrinkle free. The steam provides moist to the clothes better suitable for some of your delicate dresses. The body of the iron is made in such a way that will iron your clothes in each corner deep lines through its pointed tip with the non-sticky surface for all fabrics of the clothes. It also has the spray option to function it while pressing the cloth that makes easier to iron. It only consumes 2000 watts of power consumption. The product has 2 years of Warranty from Philips. Buy it from online at a just affordable price at Rs 2250 only. No Amazon coupons required.


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