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The cordless landline phone is a wireless phone that allows you to talk comfortably by freely roaming here and there by just carry it in your hand everywhere in the house which may help you to do you another work along with calling. This cordless phone gives you the smart features with great performances. It also sounds great and you will hear the voice very clearly that will be the best experience.

Panasonic Cordless Phone on flipkart

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The battery of this cordless phone run for a longer time to 264 hours and talk time of 5 hours. It has the alphanumerical keypad display with the backlight option that helps you to know the caller ID even in the dark or in the night.  It has the memory feature also to save the last 5 numbers if you forget  to remember it will recall it with the redial option along with the feature of phonebook that stores your contacts in it that are sometimes very necessary . It also have the ringer option of your choice and assign it as a ringtone and the 7 ringers are there for you to assign the desired contact ringtone and choosing  it with the speaker mode option in case conference call. It has the capacity to store around 50 of contacts in the phonebook. the battery will charge by the AC Adapter.

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