Great Offer – Buy Honeywell Air Purifier at Rs 25990 on Flipkart

Buy online Honeywell Portable Air Purifier on Flipkart @ just Rs 25990 only

An air purifier is a beneficial device for you to breath in fresh and clean air daily at home or offices which keep you healthy and fresh all the time. It is useful for its great performances features but it will also enhance the elegance of your house by its look. It is a home friendly product you can put in anywhere in your home at room or hall. It is very helpful for the asthmatic and allergic patients  as it gives the pure and fresh breathing air and has the capacity to reduce all the impurities dust, smoke, tobacco, toxic gases, odour, animal danger present in the air.

Honeywell Air Purifier on Flipkart

Buy Honeywell Air Purifier on, Great Discount and Offers on Flipkart

It can reduce germs, odour, dust, up to 99.7 % through the filtration process with the air flow and ensure the maximum of air circulation which can reduce the risk of health problems and diseases that cause by air pollution.  It does not create noise pollution and easy to operate by it smooth touch controls. You can clean it very easily by yourself in a week and get rid of calling engineers at home by its three-stage multi-layered filtration process it filter out all the bacteria harmful gases or viruses. The power consumption of this air purifier is  less, 52 watts when the fan speed is high and 7 watts at the minimum fan speed. You can grab this amazing product and get offer and discount of 21% on so the offer price is Rs 25990 only.

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