Great Deal on Flipkart – Buy Kelvinator Refrigerator @ Rs 10489

Buy Kelvinator Single Door Refrigerator on Flipkart at just Rs 10489

The refrigerator is used in your house for keeping the food and drinks cold for longer days and takes all the heat away from inside. This single door refrigerator has many features and components which control the flow of the refrigerator in a compressor. This refrigerator has got 3 stars as it consumes less energy. It is very necessary for summers to keep water cold for a long time keeping fruits and vegetables fresh also the dairy products needs to store in the cold temperature otherwise it will be deserted in some time. You  also need ice in summer mainly to make come juices drinks.

Kelvinator Refrigerator on flipkart

Kelvinator Refrigerator on Flipkart, Get 22% off on Single Door Refrigerator on

For all your needs keeping in mind, this refrigerator is very necessary and  good to use in your daily life. The cooling process of the fridge is also fast and take several minutes to freeze anything.  The storing capacity is also good for all fruits and vegetable in the refrigerator it can store up to 190 litres of items. The gasket in the refrigerator helps in removing dust from the outside and you may easily clean it. The tray is located under the fridge to keep milk or other items and it can be pulled outside to take it out back.

The  Kelvinator  190L direct cool single door refrigerator is on Flipkart at an offer price of Rs 10489 with 22% discount you have to click on the link given below or visit the site


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