Amazon Credit Card & Debit Card Offer May 2018: Save your Money

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 Amazon Credit Card & Debit Card Offer May 2018

Saving money is such a thing which everyone likes to get. Whatever money you will save, you may use it at another place, therefore “saving money is like earning money.”

Every day we do many things such as eating in a restaurant, watching a movie, booking tickets, shopping etc. And always try to spend lesser money or want to save bucks. There is no simple mathematics available to teach us about the saving money. Either we have to keep our eyes and ears open to find the best deal or we end up paying more money for a particular stuff.

Online shopping is somewhat a good option to save money, because before buying anything you have a chance to compare pricing of the product with other suppliers. Moreover, you have a chance to get discount or cashback using a particular coupon code. Also using any bank credit card or debit may help you to save bigger money.


What is Credit & Debit Card?

These cards are actually simple plastic made, from this plastic card you can make your payment without paying cash. With these, you can make the payment anytime without using the real hard money. However, Credit card and Debit card have the same function but different working principle.

With the debit card, you can make the purchase and amount will directly be deducted from your bank account whereas on the other hand with the credit card you borrow the money while making a transaction. The Financial Institute will raise the Payment request after the transaction is made.  With this, there is an involvement of the third party.

 Payment using Credit Card & Debit Card at 

Amazon is an American based company continuing its operation from last 22 years by providing clothes, shoes, jewellery, electronic items etc at online in an easy way.

Additionally, with providing good service it also offers a system of saving money. Can you guess what? Yes, all Bank offer a discount on using the Credit card and Debit card. But the question arises how to get these offers. They are applicable to using right promo code of a particular bank while shopping.

How to find a best Amazon CC & DC Offer

This is a way of saving the money on your Amazon online shopping. When you buy any product and make the payment through your debit or credit card, the applicable deal depends upon the terms & conditions. So you might be thinking how simple it is. Now let us see how we can get it

  • Visit the site i.e.
  • Login with your user ID and password
  • Click on the offer menu
  • Add the desired product in your cart
  • Make the payment through your debit card or credit card
  • The desired deal will be applicable as per the terms and conditions

Benefits of using CC and DC as a Payment option

  • You don’t need to depend on cash
  • It makes payment fast
  • You can make payment from anywhere
  • Make your online shopping easy

There is a fruitful result with these offers. With help of that, you save money at a good level. It enables you to purchase expensive products and enjoy your saving which you can utilise anywhere else.

Amazon has tied up with many private and public sector banks. Here you find the complete list of offers provided by the Banks, and our team will update the offer once it will be available online at

Visa Card Debit / Credit Card offer

Use your Visa card to get the offer on Amazon. There are various banks which provide VISA enabled cards. To receive a discount, select the VISA Card as a payment option while making a payment at

Master Cards Offering

An American Multinational financial company, help banks to collect the payment and process payments between merchants and banks. Master card is available in both Debit and Credit card category and it is a strong competitor of VISA Inc.


One of the largest private in India HDFC provides good financial services to its customers. The Bank is in multiple businesses such as Insurance, Banking, Financial Loans, consulting and corporate services.  Being tied up with Amazon you can get offers if you have an HDFC Bank credit card or debit card.

SBI – State Bank of India & Associates

SBI is one of the largest multinational government banks which have highest no. of Account Holders in the country.   Having more than 24000 branches it serves financial services largely across the nation.  Twice in a year, Amazon brings deals for SBI Debit Card, Net Banking and Credit cards holders.

Axis Bank Cards

It is another popular private bank serving with a total 3300 branches across the country. Axis Bank account holders may get a decent deal if they shop at

Citibank Cards Deals

One of largest International Bank, Citibank is an American bank which also has its branches in India.  Customer having Citibank Cards may get around 10% discount during festival season.

ICICI Credit Card & Debit Card

ICICI one of the rated multinational public banks which has total 4850 branches. Having an ICICI Bank Debit Card & Credit card may give you the additional advantage while shopping at top store Amazon. Paying through ICICI cards are the other preferred method after SBI Cards.

We recommend customers to learn more about the Debit and Credit card offer before purchasing anything from Amazon. It is always money saving to learn more about the credit card terms and conditions and appropriate timeline to receive a Cashback.

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