Amazon Children’s Day Riddles Quiz: Participate And Win Exciting Gift

Amazon Childrens Day Riddles Quiz Contest Answers

On the occasion of Children Day, Amazon is giving an exciting prize for the children, a LEGO star wars command shuttle. In order to win this gift, you need to participate in the Amazon Children’s Day Riddles Quiz. So check how to win this contest.

Amazon Children’s Day Riddles Quiz

Amazon Children’s Day Riddles Quiz: Answer to win LEGO Star Wars Command Shuttle

From time to time Amazon organize various app only quiz so that the users can enjoy some special offers, discount or can win Amazon gift hampers. In this, the users need to answer some simple questions and on the random basis, the winner is selected to be rewarded. The Amazon Children’s day riddles quiz contest is the same way, through which the children can win a LEGO star wars command shuttle.

Check Amazon Children’s Day Riddles Quiz Questions with Answers

  • Question 1- I Was NOT One Of Your Favorite Characters From Tinkle Comics. Who Am I?
    Ans- Jabba The Hutt
  • Question 2- Yellow, Orange And Full Of Angles, I Was A Classroom Favorite For The 90’s Kids, What Am I?
    Ans- Geometry Box
  • Question 3- Google Paid Me A Tribute On Its 50th Anniversary And Was In The ‘Everything Is Awesome’Cast? What Am I?
    Ans- LEGO Blocks
  •  Question 4- I Can Fly Without A pilot, You’ii often Find Me In A Board Classroom. What Am I?
    Ans- Paper Plane
  • Question 5- With Me, You Can Climb up A Rung Or Slide Down With A Hiss. What Am I?
    Ans- Snake And Ladders
  • Question 6- Balance Me On One Finger Or Many To Take Me For Spin. I Can Help With Both, Concentration And Distraction. What Am In?
    Ans- Fidget Spinner
  • Question 5- I Have A red Queen But No King. I Have Wood But No Trees. What Am I?Ans- Carom Board

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The Amazon App Only Childrens Day Riddle contest will starts from 14th of November from 12:00:01 A.M. to 11:59:00 P.M.

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